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Why do people buy the RLX?

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I think this is an important question to ask.

There is no doubt that when it comes to value, the RLX is not up there.

It is being constantly compared to the Lexus GS, LS, Mercedes E/S class, BMW 5 series, etc

And people knock on the RLX for having a spazzed up Accord engine, FWD, and a not as nice interior.

So why do you think the RLX is still purchased?
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when you want a reliable luxury sedan the RLX is a good choice, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and Audi might have more up to date vehicles with better features not they're just not as reliable.
also wanted to add that being bigger doesnt really mean anything. when i am talking about value I mean interior quality, features, performance, handling, driving experience /// all worked into the price.

Test driving a RLX and a TL SH AWD I can't say I'm sold on the cost of the RLX

Can't beat the AWD in the TL

And I know the RLX will come with a AWD version but its going to cost way too much money... I think Acura should have offered the AWD version standard (as said for the 90000th time on the internet)
AWD will come standard one day, but I see this as their way to slowly ease people into it and not jump ahead and have nothing significant to offer people later on.

At least with AWD being optional, it lowers the price.
it helps the RLX rank better in reviews, just that price drop alone could be enough to have it ranked as the best bang for your buck luxury sedan in that segment.
it helps the car maker more than the consumer.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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