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Where will the 2013 Acura RLX be built? Japan? US?

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Recently I've been coming across articles saying Japanese car makers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc will be looking into building vehicles outside of Japan due to the rising Yen. If the RLX won't be built in Japan, where will it be built?
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acura was and still is a North American luxury division of Honda and it would only make sense to move production here to the USA. Even if it will be sold in Japan and other nations as the "Legend". The biggest markets for the RLX/Legend will be USA & Canada

Acura RL replacement to be built in North America?

In a move designed to further insulate it from a tough domestic currency exchange rate, Honda is apparently getting serious about building its next Acura flagship in North America.

Production of the current, slow-selling Acura RL/ Honda Legend will reportedly end next month in order to give Honda more capacity for better-selling models, reports The Japan Times.

That means that the next RL, which is likely to be called RLX, will almost certainly need to be built in North America. Honda has been a proponent of the recent “build where we sell” mantra that several automakers have adopted in the face of both currency fluctuations and higher overseas transportation costs.

Honda currently builds Acura products in Marysville, Ohio ( Acura RDX and TL), Greensburg, Indiana (Acura ILX), and Alliston, Ontario (Acura RDX and ZDX). Of its volume models, only the TSX is imported from Japan.

Most of the upcoming Acura imported brand flagship’s rivals – like the Infiniti M, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volvo S80 – are built overseas, however
I was expecting the RLX to be available in more countries and not just Canada & USA. I know other markets can use a car like this, if that was the case the RLX would be produced outside of the US as well.
I think the North American RLX will be made in America. The Japanese market one might be produced in Japan.
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