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What don't you like about the Acura RLX?

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Post what you love about the Acura RLX, please try to use images, video, etc in your post.

In my opinion the wheels on the RLX concept have to be the ugliest wheels I've ever seen on a concept

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there's nothing I don't like, I love everything about the RLX. Some of the design might seem weird to others but anyone that knows Acura's will see how it has stayed true to Acura's design taking things used in previous cars and applying it to the RLX but enhancing it. If they did something totally different then it might not feel like an Acura.

I actually like the concept wheels.
Keep in mind it is still a concept , and all designs and everything that you see at this point isnt set in stone.

I mean the rims and the design of the headlight as well most likly will not stick and we will see more regular like rims and headlights as well that do not have 6 projectors in them each ahah
I'm not the biggest fan of the rims but I doubt those will make it to production.
i highly doubt it as well.. a much more conservative approach will happen.
I also am not too fond on the lip kit on the concept. The one pictured on the headline of the forum.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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