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What do you love about the Acura RLX?

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Post what you love about the Acura RLX, please try to use images, video, etc in your post.

Starting off this thread, for me it has to be the rear end. I love everything about it and wouldn't change a single thing, I doubt Acura has much changing to do on the rear before production aside from exhaust design & location.

Acura ILX Picture - Rear

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I think we all can agree on LED headlights. Acura/Honda has been known to keep concepts close to production models and so far these LED headlights look promising

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I actually like the front and rear of the production leaks. Both look very aggressive. Interior is very nice as well. I'm sure I'm going to like that 370hp VTEC motor haha.
love how original it is.

in a world where all new cars look the same, the RLX looks really different, not your typical luxury sedan.
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