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Wald International Acura RLX

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I heard that Wald International will be releasing a line of VIP parts for the Acura RLX, apparently they will be showing off their very own customized RLX next year!

What aftermarket parts do you want Wald International to make for the RLX?
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They better be giving it the black bison treatment that they gave to the Mercedes S class and a few other luxury sedan's

Wald black bison Mercedes S-Class
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Well I haven't hear about Wald International? What that thing is that some kind of detailig shop or they do modifications in the car's desing? Can some one answer me and tell me basic about that. Thanks for help in advance.
I have always loved Wald International aero parts. Especially for luxury cars they just add a nice touch to the design. They do cost quite a bit but its so worth after said and done. But to accomodate these kits you need rims and suspension to lower it just a tad bit.
They did a great job with that Benz. Have we seen them go at the RLX yet? I bet that they could really update the look of the RLX. Maybe that is the trick to the RLX. It comes slightly cheaper than other luxury sedans and then you spend some extra dollars on making it look cool by taking it to a tuning shop.
nope haven't seen any modified RLXs really
It's going to be a while before we see one modified unless there's some tuner out there picks it up and starts to go crazy with it. But so far not a whole lot of people are loving the RLX.
to be honest I haven't even seen a lowered RLX yet.
to be honest I haven't even seen a lowered RLX yet.
All I know is that a modified RLX, depending on what a person does to it, will look amazing. here's a rendering of a modified Acura RLX sitting on a set of Luxury Abstract wheels:

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