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Yep...been driving the s4 (love it) but my kids are getting a little older and are starting to complain about the occasional car pool in the back seat (3 of them).
So I decided to look for FWD car. Came across RLX.
Love the interior. Dripping in luxury (on the advanced packge) and safety features.
Outside is ok.
Drive was nice but definitely did not have the acceleration of my prior 3 cars.
Nevertheless, the thing is being so heavily discounted that I think the lease is really good and makes it a compelling choice. Especially as a loaded full featured car. Similarly featured AUdi or BMW will lease out much higher. Yes, may turn a few more heads but I want the best car for the money deal...

RIght now, I am seeing the 61+k Advanced car being sold for a hair under 50K.
That discount really drives the leasing price down to under 600 a month (taxes included)
Question: That seems like a great discount but can anyone confirm that this is as low as the discounts will go or should I be pushing harder for more discounting?

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Audi s4 is a 2011. Lease is up.
Love the car.

Trying to be a little more mature maybe I wont bother...LOL

I just like a good deal and the RLX seems like a great deal.
well if the RLX is anything it'll be value

For the price Acura sells them at. It does have good features.

Only bad thing is that its FWD.

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