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The Evolution of the Acura RL

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As we all know the Acura RL is the flagship of what Acura represents: luxury. Known in Japan as the Honda Legend, the RL is in short an abbreviation for "Refined Luxury".

First generation (1996–2004) (KA9)

3.5L V6; 4 speed Automatic;

Second generation (2005–2012) (KB1/2)

3.5L V6 and 3.7L V6, 5 speed Automatic and 6 speed Automatic
Introduction of SH-AWD

2009 mid-model change (KB2)

2011 update

The 2011 Acura RL added new color combinations and new features: six-speed automatic transmission, power folding mirrors, and rear backup/parking sensors. The six-speed automatic transmission, first introduced on the 2010 Acura ZDX, finally replaced the RL's five-speed automatic, long criticized by the press as outdated.

Third generation (2013–)

SH-AWD Hybrid. Estimated 370hp and 449lbs of tq. That's alot of torque!

So what do you guys think? Does the new RLX carry the heritage of the old designs? One thing I've noticed is that the grill went from being normal on the second generation to the criticized 2009 generation grill. Acura stepped back in 2011 to tone it down and the new 2013 is even more toned down and is back to more of the shape of the original second generation grill. Talk about making a mistake.
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Awesome post. KB2's are hard to come by where I live, never seen one on the road, only at the autoshow.
I've seen on KB2 on the street before. They didn't sell very well. They are nice cars though.
Ive always like the KB2. Curious to check one out in person.
I like the direction Acura went going from KB1 to KB2, the less round and more boxy look improved it, still it wasn't great. RLX is a great improvement.
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