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I am a loyal Honda owner and the RLX Advance is my 5th Honda product. Does anyone have issues with the suspension. Not that anything is wrong with it and it takes some getting used to, considering that I am coming out of a Mercedes, but it just rides too firm for me. when driving over bumpy roads I can almost hear the front end "clunk". the dealership could not tell me that anything was wrong with my car. Has anyone had that experience?
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This is a major problem (see the "suspension rattle" thread on the rlx threads of acurazine. A number of owners have reported this. As of yet, Acura does not appear to have determined the cause or the corrective action. Also, it is unclear whether this is potentially a safety issue, but it is a source of much undesirable noise and vibration and totally unacceptable.
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i agree, it is completely unacceptable. Thanks to the unending winter, roads in the DC area are extremely bumpy, and the roughness of the ride makes me long for my second-generation RL. Furthermore, the ceaseless bouncing has led to two separate rattles developing in my cabin, one of which the Acura mechanics can't seem to find.
It seems the sport hybrid offers a more compliant ride, probably due to the fact that its heavier and has better weight distribution. I'm sad to say this it seems that the FWD RLX is kind of a castrated RLX mostly meant to fill a price point.
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