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Speaker System: ELS or Krell?

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I consider myself a bit of a audio aficionado. I run a set of Klipsch speakers in my home entertainment system, and hope to enjoy some quality music while on the road.

The RLX has a 5 levels of speaker options. My question is which would be of best value to get. Is the top option Krell worth it and how does it compare to ELS? I might even consider getting something aftermarket if anyone has any suggestions.
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ELS 14 "Tech" Speaker System

I have an RLX w/the tech package and it has the 14 speaker ELS system. I consider myself to be somewhat of an audiophile for reference...

The system is nice, but its not balanced. Clarity for highs and mids is decent, but the lows are not so great. Everyone has different tastes for hearing sharper sounds vs softer sounds, etc. So for comparison to other Acuras we have owned, the system isn't as good as the ELS in our 4G TL, but is better than our 3G ELS TL. I knew if I would have test drove the Krell or Advanced RLX I would have bought it for the sound system, but I didn't see the point in tempting myself to spend an $2k extra for it. I have tempted myself before by test driving the nicer model (namely our X5), and ended up buying the more expensive one with a bigger engine (main reason - more fun to drive) but it also had nicer rims and trim. The RLX, from the Tech package up, looks the exact same, and I would have only been paying for the sound system. None of the other options or features interested me. The system is fine and I do enjoy it! If you are less frugal, go for the Krell and please let me know how it is :)
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