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Hi Everyone:

I am looking forward to visiting a dealer (tomorrow) who has a low mileage Elite model demo in White on Creamy Tan. Before buying, any advice on what to consider or look for? I can save $10,000 on the new models available, so want to buy the used one that is about 15 months old. I do have the option of buying new, but they don't have any in light colour interiors and I don't want to wait til Spring as I c save $10,000 if I buy this month. Thx in advance for any advice or thoughts you might have.
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Well, bought the demo and really happy with the deal. Will be driving it next week and will probably get excited and post a good review!!:)
After a few days driving and learning about the commands and view screens, etc. I am blown away by how good this car really is!! Anyone reading this and thinking of buying...don't's that good.
Power is smooth, ride is smooth, Krell is smooth and powerful...just played a cd and have never heard this track like this before!!
Well, I know many will gush about their own purchase even if just to justify it, but I don't need to and I am doing it anyway. Will try to find something weak somewhere, but not holding out hope for that...just enjoying the drive like never before.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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