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Oil Changes

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So I have had my RLX for ~8 months, 7,500 miles & the oil indicator says 20% so I should be due soon for an oil change. What are people here getting: regular or synthetic?

Synthetic costs ~$30 more and am wondering if it is worth it? Will the J35(?) engine get any extra benefits? I have used regular oil my whole life without issue but I figure the RLX is an upper tier car and might deserve some fancy oil.

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I'm planning to use Mobil 1 full synthetic 0w-20 on my next oil change on my 18 RLX hybrid with 9200 miles. I will stick with the M.I.D. oil change schedule and use Acura oil filters after that.
Conventional oil is fine for the RLX. Just use the right viscosity. The valve train is designed for it.
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