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Let me preface this with a little background info: I am not a car-care fanatic. Other than regular washes (not the 2 bucket method bc that is just too much extra work) & waxing every 3 months, I do not do anything special like claying. I also only buy over-the-counter type products that you can find @ Wal-Mart, however, when I moved up to luxury cars I spent a little extra & went from ArmorAll/TurtleWax to Meguiar's. From then on, I was hooked on the NXT Tech Wax followed by Ulitmate Wax, as they were easy to wipe on & off without residue.

I replaced my NighHawk Black Pearl 2004 Acura TSX with a 2014 Crystal Black Pearl RLX & decided to try the relatively new Meguiar's Black Wax. This stuff was definitely thicker than the NXT 2.0 & thus harder to wipe on/off - but not terribly so, mind you. It also leaves residue behind in all the little cracks & crevices like the parking sensor circles on the bumper. As with all their products, this had a pleasant smell.

As the attached pictures show, it really did make my car shinier than the other waxes. You can also see how well it beads because fate always makes it rain right after I wash/wax. Too soon to say how long the wax lasts tho.

I used the Ultimate Wax on the lights, grille & chrome parts as I was not sure if the Black Wax was safe on them.

For those of you with dark cars, I recommend this product if you are looking for a relatively cheap ($8.99) but good wax.



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