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Is the Acura RLX too much like a Honda to justify it's MSRP?

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Priced at $61,345, the Detroit news thinks the Acura RLX is just too much like a Honda to justify it's MSRP/Price. I partially agree with this statement as it's clear Acura/Honda could have done a much better job on the new RLX, but this is just the beginning, with all the negative reviews floating around Acura just might make some serious moves to make the RLX what it should be.

So what do you think, Is the RLX worth it's price?

Detroit News Article: Auto review: Acura RLX too much like a Honda to justify price | The Detroit News |
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The RLX like many Acura's are still way too close to being like a Honda, Acura needs to make some serious effort to push the brand even more farther away from Honda, but im not too sure if they have the money to do that as Honda and Acura sales have gone down quite a bit over time
I'm sure Acura was hoping for better numbers than that. Would Acura be better served by charging less for their vehicles? If they could have a huge increase in sales with a small discount it could be worth it.
cheaper is always better, they should have done that with the RLX
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