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Has the Acura RLX restored your faith in the brand?

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Ever since Acura introduced it's SH-AWD suspension, the future of Acura and even Honda started to look brighter, but even when SH-AWD first showed up in Acura's, Acura was still moving away from their somewhat boring stage. Now the new RLX brings together the SH-AWD system, P-AWS, and a host of new things to the brand.
Are all of these things in the RLX enough to restore your faith in the brand or do you want more from Acura?
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The top end model is pricey but the new RLX is an impressive car. FWD and AWD especially. The new PAWs system works well.

You get the same old reliable Honda V6 tuned to a higher performance and a new updated interior. It might not be as flashy or it's german counterparts but it does the job and will last a long time.
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