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GPS Improvements needed

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We are travelling from Markham, Canada on our annual trip south during the winter. First time to test out the GPS and already have complaints:
1. No way to shift from Metric to U.S. miles and gallons.
2. We seem to get Kms as distance to travel, but calculation in time assumes its miles...very strange
3. No current speed limit showing up on the page. Our Garmin had that years ago.

We are quite maths friendly and can calculate our speed by multiplying by .61, however, there is a MPH faintly showing inside the speedometer...just not enough to read very well and definitely not when the needle covers it up. Our 8 year old Cadillac had the conversion button and we could go back and forth with ease. These points should be fixable easily.!! anyone know if there is an instant solution now?! bballgordie
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Well, we have been on the road for a month now and have a few further points: There s/b a passenger operation available. Currently my wife cannot use the nav while we are driving and gets very upset occasionally. Always asks for a street number and can;t seem to skip. Why can't we provide cross streets? confusing when to use the dial and/or the "OK" doesn't move intuitively or like a computer cursor.
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