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Drivetrain options on the RLX. AWD?

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I'm expecting AWD. And I'm hoping its a RWD biased AWD rather than the FWD biased AWD system on the Acura TL.
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If it's similar to the NSX concept here is the little bit of info we have on the RLX drivetrain

Unlike the current SH-AWD system, which would send power to the front wheels by way of a driveshaft and a mechanical differential, the NSX's front wheels will instead be powered by a pair of electric motors. As each motor is assigned to a wheel, the system has the ability to accelerate the outer wheel in a corner, creating a yaw moment that improves the car's ability to turn in and rotate. All told, the system could produce a net punch of about 400 hp.

I really doubt the AWd system will be that advanced, after all i think the Sh-AWD system will make it ovet tot he RLX, if not they make take the idea of the NSX and implent the same idea but in a lesser way. but i stll think it will not be a all time 4wd system.
If it's based off the NSX it should be a RWD bias system. Good thing!
If it's based off the NSX it should be a RWD bias system. Good thing!
hopefully it will be, im getting sick of heavy fwd sedans that acura always puts in the market, they need to start doing RWD, not sure why they haven;t
Even the new AWD TL is FWD biased. Not sure why Honda is so against RWD. I think that's just how they've always been. FWD isn't exactly a bad thing. It's better for everyday drivers but for performance driving it's definitely got an edge over RWD. I think you can count the number of RWD Hondas and Acuras with one hand. lol. For FWD though Acura and Honda make some of the best FWDs. I guess they just like to stick to what they're good at.
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