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Does the 2014 Acura RLX Look Like Its a $50,000 Car?

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I didn't really think about it at first, but after I head it a couple times from the La auto show I come to beieve that the Acura RLX doesn't have the looks a of luxury likes it's rivals. It has been mentioned by a couple of reviewers.

If you didn't know what brand or make the RLX was, by first glance how much do you think it's worth?
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In my opinion, The RLX is a nice vehicle that packs a punch with its technical aspect but it just doesnt appeal to me like its rivals. Especially against it's euro competitors.
no looks...

like many other $30.000 cars but need to see it ... however my Rl does not look like it worth $48,000 new but acura has the tech and reliabilty
I think it does look more expensive vs the older design. The headlights make it look very fancy and the accord like design isn't a bad thing. many people think the new accord design makes the accord look more expensive than it is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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