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Does anyone else absolutely HATE the rims?

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OR IS IT JUST ME. They look like blades from a fan.
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They look more like hub caps or covers to me. Just too plane jane for such a luxurious vehicle. It does not suit it.
I like the wheels on the production model that was seen at the 2013 Detroit show, but don't like the RLX concept wheels.

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Even on the production I find there are way too many spokes and the spokes are shaped like blades.
Those wheels do look plain like something from most basic toyota factory rim.

what do you think of these rims?

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Well I don't think so that they are as bad as you are saying. Anyhow these wheels have their own value and I am sure that you can see those people who can say that its their favorite rims. And you can't say them worthless.
the wheels shown on the RLX Hybrid will definitely get more attention and appreciation than the other ones. I have no problems with them at all.
At least those controversial swirly wheels didn't make it onto the Advance production cars!

I don't think the 19" production wheels that I have are beautiful works of art, but they're not hideous and I would never think about changing them because of the noise reduction technology.

Honda have been asking for specific tire designs on their cars for a while now, and people are not as satisfied as they used to be when they go with aftermarket tires thinking that they're getting an improvement.

Now it's like that with the wheels, too. Just leave well enough alone. :)
This is an idea from a poster at another site.

Do you think people would like the RLX/Legend better if it had normal Honda wheels, like this car? (19" Acura 4G TL wheels)


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