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Annoying armrest rattle

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So I have had an annoying rattle in my 2020 RLX Sport Hybrid that took some time to track down, but I've finally located it in the center console armrest. This armrest is a complicated piece because it opens and slides in so many different directions, but the offending pieces are part of the latching mechanism that is used when you push the chrome button at the front and slide the padded part back. It is NOT related to any parts where you swing it open from the side(s).

Due to the interlocks used it's not possible to swing it open while the top is slid back, so I cannot get a clear look at it, but if I slide it open and feel the retractable "hook" on the underside it has an open space in the middle, like maybe there was a rubber insert or something to dampen just such sounds, but it was lost?

I didn't find anything laying in the console so can only speculate, but I am wondering if a.) someone else can check if there's has any insert, and b.) asking if anyone else has had a similar rattle and how you addressed it.

The tolerances between the hook and the shallow latch area are really tight, so I am uncertain if I can even stick a smidge of felt tape in there without messing it up so it no longer latches.
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