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Acura RLX vs TL?

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So what do you think the RLX will bring to the table over the TL? The TL already has the power, luxury, and style. Maybe the RLX will be a hybrid? An even nicer interior? From the interior shots that they have shown us, the interior looks similar in quality to the ILX. So why would I buy a RLX over the tried and true TL?
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The TL doesnt have the same class and over size as the RLX would, the RLX has more luxury its almost like saying why buy a 3 series over a 5, i mean its the same everything is just bigger with extra features here and there.

As where a TL is classed as a sport luxury where as the RLX will be classed at a Full sized luxury sedan where as the TL is still a mid sized sedan
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