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Acura RLX size / dimensions

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What can we expect from the RLX in terms of size. Will it keep the same size as the RL?
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The car is said to have "7 series grade legroom with 5 series-beating agility", so estimated dimensions are a 114 inch wheelbase, 195 inches of length, and about 74.6 inches wide.
So ideally a Full fledged flag ship sedan with the handling of a TL.. type S in that sense?
So far it seems to be bigger than the current RL, an improvement IMO. I don't think Acura has released full specs and dimensions as yet
The wheelbase is longer, it has a lot more rear leg room, and it's without making it much longer.

Something that's bugged me on a couple of occasions is that it seems to be...wider!!

Wasn't expecting that. LDW goes off a little more than I thought that it would.
RLX Room

The RLX offers a lot more passenger room in the front and the back compared to the past generations of TLs and the previous generation RL. I feel everyone in the car now has their own space!


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I agree wholeheartedly. Save for the NSX, Acura just doesn't make appealing cars. I would have a very hard time spending $65k for a car like this.
The RLX in Sport Hybrid form is an excellent value in the used car market. You can get $15,000 to $25,000 off +18 RLX sport hybrids that will be more reliable than similarly priced BMWs, MBs, Jag, or Audi for +100,000 miles.
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