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in the foot. I am a acura RL owner. Waiting for the new RLX to come out. What do i get 1. HIGHER off the chart price jump on the AWD RLX that 95% of rl owners want. 2. The RLX does not have the look. it looks BLAND 3.Acura does not put its self out there for people to know what they are selling. I have to tell my /co-workers what a great car my acura is. They buy BMW and Audi and mercedes But do not think about acura WHY? I love my acura but are thinking about leaving to q50 my self. why it is priced at the same price i bought my rl at when new. it has everything and more standard. and it is sharp looking and AWD from the start. not fwd... so acura better wake up!! Build a acura that makes buyers go WOW when they see it. Not what is it a TOYOTA>???
this is so true on many levels. i think right now the best thing Acura can do to save the RLX is to price it lower, then no one will have a problem with how it is. hopefully the upgrades they do over the coming years and during the mid-cycle refresh will help with saving it
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