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Acura RLX, most luxurious Honda in the U.S. market

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Like Infiniti born in U.S. as the subsidiary Nissan luxury and luxury subsidiary Lexus and Toyota, the Japanese automaker Honda has American country with Acura, the brand through which market the most luxurious models they manufacture. Of these, the classic model that have been marketed in recent years is the Acura RL, a four-door sedan with five meters long created to compete with rivals like the Audi A6, the BMW 5 Series or saloon five meters aforementioned Japanese manufacturers.
On occasion Hall of Los Angeles, has filed Acura Acura RLX as a substitute for RL , who had already been on the market since 2005. In fact, it was an old acquaintance of the European market because there has until recently marketed as Honda Legend, without much luck despite having an excellent value-equipment. The Acura RLX , while making an evolution in the name also implies an approach to design other Acura chaired by the huge chrome grille that has become so characteristic in recent years in Acura.

Outgoing RL had an elegant but sporty turn, especially when compared with the design that has now RLX . It has a classic line a luxury sedan , with a front inspired by other models like the Acura RDX , and a rear with a new design pilots in Acura, more differentiated. The car measures just five meters, like the RL, but now has a greater battle that can offer greater livability for rear passengers.
The interior has a great refinement, with a great use leather and a very modern center console , though perhaps too reminiscent of the Honda Accord, which details how the team takes multimedia or some sort buttons.

So far only been presented with one engine, a 3.6 V6 petrol 310 HP equipped with a sequential automatic gearbox, although it had been rumored that ride box manufactured by ZF eight relations riding numerous models of many brands. Throughout 2013 will see a hybrid version , combining the 3.5 V6 engine with three electric thrusters to deliver a power of 370 hp digested through an automatic gearbox double clutch and seven relations.
Obviously the Acura RLX will only be marketed in North America as it is the only region in which Acura is present. In Europe there is no intention that comes, in fact, arises Honda or Acura expanding markets as they are barely surviving in U.S. . With this model, the expected return of American buyers confidence.

Acura RLX, most luxurious Honda in the U.S. market
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I wouldn't argue with that fact of the Rlx being the most luxurious Honda on the market. The Previous RLs were always a Gem in the North American market but how was doing sales, quite frankly i dont think it sold. In the past 5 years i can say that Ive only seen under 10 of them. I hope the RLX flight path changes.
Well I would hope so.. It is the most expensive Acura/Honda as well..
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