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Acura RLX concept

2013 Acura RLX concept

In 2011, info popped up about the new flagship, which will be renamed RLX, from a Los Angeles dealer meeting, stating the new RLX would debut at the New York Auto Show. The car would be powered by a hybrid all-wheel-drive power-train with 370 horsepower (276 kW) and 449 lb·ft (609 N·m) of torque combined, rumored to be very similar to the new power-train being used on the "new NSX". The car is said to have "7 series grade legroom with 5 series-beating agility", so estimated dimensions are a 114 inch wheelbase, 195 inches of length, and about 74.6 inches wide. Updates on the pricing are about $53,000 to $61,000 with Advance Package.
On April 4, 2012, Acura unveiled the RLX Concept, a replacement for the RL sedan, at the New York International Auto Show. The car is 2 inch longer in wheelbase and 2 inch lesser overhangs than current car, make the car same length with current car. While it is 2 inch wider than current car.
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2" less over hang the car never had that much over hang to begin with, well the wheel base was extended but body sized remains the same minus width.. lol

i see doing this would the cabin a ton of extra room.
449 lb·ft of torque! Not too far off from what the BMW M5 has. I just wonder at what RPM are we going to experience 449 lb-ft or torque. I'm not expecting a performance sedan but if the power is their, i WILL put it to use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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