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Acura RLX Folding Rear Seats

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Does anybody know if the rear passenger seats fold down in the back?
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Nope. The RL and TL are famous for this. Maybe they changed it in the RLX but from what I know.

I guess a luxury sedan is not meant for lugging around things. Im impressed on just exactly how much leg room there is compared to the last one. Well theres one thing they fixed.

Would you guys want the rear seats to fold or not?
This is typical. Usually cars high up the ladder like this don't have rear fold down seats. It would be nice as an added feature. I'm sure people at Acura have thought about it and didn't include it for a good reason.
Isd this only in an acura because Some lexus vehicles have this feature and they are pretty high end too.
From what I've known in the past Acura's especially their higher end line up of vehicles never had this feature but just a slot from the center armrest that opened for Skis. Acura thought it through that the people that do buy their vehicles wont be lugging around a lot of luggage.
They seem to skimp on a lot and give you just enough. I miss my Maxima.
I believe that Krell may have influenced the decision as they really load up the back ledge with speakers. Also you don't have the split "to spoil the beauty of the back seats"; in addition it helps to improve the structural rigidity, etc. My wife wanted the split seats, but I have decided it is worth it to take the time to rent a van on the rare times it is needed.
Having just driven down to Florida with the car full of 3 seasons and formal wear for dinners, I can say we didn't need the fold down seats...plenty of room in the trunk and back seat as is.
Acura thought it through that the people that do buy their vehicles wont be lugging around a lot of luggage.
I would rather have a recline feature with cooled seats compared to fold down rear seats for the RLX. Very limited space with the hybrid battery pack behind the seat. Instead of the upper part moving back, the seat cushion could move towards the front seats and slightly up at an angle with the front part of the seat bottom. That would slide down down the seat back at an angle for a more comfy recline.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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