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Acura RLX Design

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What do you guys think about the design? I find the front lip to be out of place. It doesn't match the flow of the rest of the car. I like how the front and the hood is lower than the trunk. Makes the front look very sleek. The headlights and taillights and front grill definitely take some motivation from the ILX.
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I find the front lip does match it add sharpness to the overall look of the car, which is a very veyr nice touch i find. But in temrs of that front end it looks to be it is acura new signature with the really big front bumper and what not.

The headlights and tail lights flow very well, where as the front of the grab grabs your attention and then looking at the rear is nice and subtle
I hope that's not the A Spec lip kit because it doesn't look attractive at all to me.
The grille is huge, but nobody's complaining about it the way they did on the 4G TL because the RLX is wide enough to be able to carry it off.

I think it's a handsome car, but not beautiful in an eye catching way.

You'll learn to love the looks of the car because the whole package

It doesn't stand out when you look at it. Its impressiveness is in the everyday operation, to me, anyway.

"The rear end is out of sync with the front."

"I don't like the way the lines flow on the sides. It doesn't match the two ends."

Blah blah blah.... LOL.... It just works. It's handsome. Not in an eye catching way, just handsome.

They probably over reacted to the criticism of the 4G TL. I had a 4G TL 6-6 SH-AWD and it was an awesome car. 86,000 trouble free miles before I got rid of it to get this RLX. It was a great car, no matter what it looked like!

I'm sure they've done as good a job with the RLX. I'm fully confident in Acura's common sense performance, common sense luxury and common sense decisions they make with what to put in a car, and I'm really a lot less interested in what the car looks like.

Like I said about the 4G TL, "You don't care what the car looks like when you're powering out of Oak Tree."

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