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Acura RLX Colors

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What exterior colors would you like to see on the Acura RLX?

Here's a look at what the current Acura RL color options are, maybe Acura will carry on some of these colors to the RLX.

Crystal Black Pearl

Alberta White Pearl

Pomegrante Pearl

Forged Silver Metallic

Graphite Luster Metallic

Platinum Frost Metallic
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something along the lines of Alberta White Pearl will be nice. that white pearl with a tan interior will look stunning on a RLX.

other options would be black or something inbetween like Graphite Luster Metallic
Alberta white pearl... what a name... lol

But yes i agree white on red also looks amazing and white on beige
They should offer a red and blue. The blue on the new Honda Fit is nice. Same with the TL.

I hope they do nighthawk black pearl rather than crystal black pearl.
The black they currently have on the RLX looks boring to me, they should of went with some metallic/pearl black or something that pops more

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I looked at Graphite Luster, but it was too close to black and my Black Phase is over. It just gets too hot around here. :)

There was no Silver Moon or White available with an ebony interior, so I went with Forged Silver / Ebony. Even that wasn't really available...they had to go about 75 miles to get it.
Forged is a good compromise.

Not really silver, not really gray, not really just is. Doesn't stand out or attract attention in any way.
Mayan Bronze Metallic with the umber interior would have been nice.
Mayan Bronze Metallic with the umber interior would have been nice.
I never noticed Mayan Bronze Metallic to be a popular color, rarely seen acura's in this color, it might even be best if they send that color to the chopping block.
this is the bronze metallic its a nice color but not very common
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Nice rims!!!
Those are indeed some nice wheels, what wheels are they?
I have a pomegranate red pearl RLX. I grin every time I look at it. Dark color is harder to keep clean. Sport mode is euphoric.
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