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I would also post your question on acurazine's RLX section because it has way more folks viewing all the threads.

I just purchased a CPO 18 RLX sport hybrid back in Dec of 2019 with 7200 miles for +$22,000 off MSRP. The interior info-tainment tech and luxury touches is behind most luxury vehicle with the same starting price. The RLX in non-hybrid 3.5L+6AT is also not near the top of powertrains for the price. To be fair, every single luxury sedan in that price range has about the same range of depreciation. The other brands will have a difficult time keeping up with Honda/Acura reliability of +100,000 miles with mostly scheduled maintenance.

The 0-60 in under 5 seconds RLX in Sport Hybrid form is the model folks seems to like the best. The hybrid powertrain alone makes up for any short comings with luxury touches, tech, and styling. The only downsides with the hybrid model is the smaller gas tank from 18.5 gals to 15 gals and less trunk space from 15 cu.ft. down to 11.6 cu. ft. because of the battery pack. Getting 25-27 mpg city and 28-35 hwy is also a big bonus and helps the small gas tank with the 377hp/341tq with the hybrid.

It is all about the hybrid powertrain and wanting to drive a performance sleeper with the RLX for me.
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