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2016 Acura ILX Review

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The Acura Integra was a big deal for Acura.

Well loved by many, it became synonymous with Acura and elevated the young luxury brand’s image. But the ILX, Acura’s new take on a small premium sedans, has yet to catch on. Lacking an identity of its own, the ILX’s mundane styling, ho-hum powertrain and absence of a family resemblance meant most people forgot about it before it even had a chance to make an impression.
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Altho I always thought that the 2013-2015 ILX was pleasant enough, this is a nice upgrade. I ponder why they did not debut the new 3D Power Plenum grill on the RLX instead of the ILX refresh (or the MDX or TLX for that matter). The increased power should also help sales & reviews that always considered the ILX too close to the Civic.
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