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2015 RLX atf change

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I just recently purchased a 2015 rlx with approx 50k miles. According to the carfax, this car only went to the acura dealership for service. Anyways, i want to replace the transmission fluid. I do not know when it was replaced. the fluid looks ok but i would sleep better knowing its done.

the information i have gathered is 3.3qts of honda/acura dw-1 and filter.
drain fluid, refill with new, drive for about 10 mins, drain fluid, refill with new and put on new filter. Is the procedure that i read ppl do with v6 honda/acura transmissions.

I believe i am on the right track. information about these cars is hard to find. this is only my second auto, the rest have all been manuals.

Is there anything else i should be aware of? Or looking for? Am i on the right track?

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