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I purchased a used 2014 RLX with 28,000 miles in Feb 15. Within days of the purchase I noticed a faint tapping noise coming from the engine or transmission. The noise can best be described as a much quieter version of values tapping or the rattle associated with a diesel engine. This noise is intermittent and seems to occur at speeds of approx 40 mph and again at 50 mph. Since the car is under warranty I took it back to the service department at the dealership where I purchased it. It took a ride with their top technician to get them to hear the noise (again , the noise is very faint). After attempts to diagnose the problem, the service technician called Acura tech services in California and was informed that this is something they refer to as "gear rattle, which is a common characteristic of RLX transmissions." I was assured this issue would not affect the performance or longevity of the transmission; however, the dealership offered to replace the transmission under warranty BUT the new transmission might make the same noise. I decided to take them up on the offer of a new transmission. From the outset the new transmission made the same noise.

Has anyone heard of this gear rattle issue? I've searched but can't find any info about this online.

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