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2014 Acura RLX Video Review

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If you remember the Acura RL was a huge disappointment. So much so in fact that dealers couldn’t even push 400 of the models out the door. Well, it looks like Acura learned their lesson and want to redeem themselves with the creation of the 2014 Acura RLX. It’s supposed to be new, improved and better from just about every angle which it needs to be since it’s going head to head with the likes of the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6.
The 2014 Acura RLX hosts a 3.5 liter Earth Dreams V6. This engine will get you 310 horsepower and 272 pound feet of torque, so that’s a pretty good beginning. This is mated to a six speed automatic transmission that features wheel mounted paddle shifters if you want them and a sport setting that allows you to change the transmission mapping, throttle response and steering feel to adjust to your taste in feeling the road. Of course the drive is made more comfortable with more passenger room, bolstered seats and a plethora of bells and whistles to pick and choose through.

Expect to see the 2014 Acura RLX at your local dealerships right around March 15th, just in time for some Easter shopping. The base price is set to $48,450 and goes up from there depending on how you want to customize your model. For instance, if you want navigation, you’ll pay $50,950. Adding a tech package will take the price up to $54,450. You can’t forget about the audio though if you love your tunes and for the Krell audio package you can now expect to shell out $56,950. Finally, if you want it all you are going to want to have about $60,450 on hand and another $895 for destination fees. Those kinds of prices just might put a dent in the RLX attempt at dominating the class.

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