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  1. Top 10 Cars of the 2012 Paris Motor Show

    Off Topic Discussion
    The list of impressive new models at this year’s Paris Motor Show is a long one, but we’ve narrowed down the ten most interesting, exciting and important vehicles, starting with the Lexus LF-CC Concept. A look ahead at the future of the brand, this concept previews the first ever Lexus IS...
  2. Acura RLX Engine Choices

    Acura RLX Engine and Technical Discussion
    What are the engine options for the Acura RLX? The ILX has a 2.0L and a 2.4L. If they are thinking about replacing the Acura RL it's going to have to be a V6. Any hope of a hybrid V6 motor from the accord and TL with upped horsepower? What about the supercharged V6 concept from Honda?
  3. Speaker System: ELS or Krell?

    Acura RLX General Discussion Forum
    I consider myself a bit of a audio aficionado. I run a set of Klipsch speakers in my home entertainment system, and hope to enjoy some quality music while on the road. The RLX has a 5 levels of speaker options. My question is which would be of best value to get. Is the top option Krell worth...
  4. Acura RLX Reviews

    Acura RLX General Discussion Forum
    2014 Acura RLX: 3 Motors & AWD Most Sophisticated Hybrid Yet? Several manufacturers now offer gas-saving hybrid versions of their vehicles but it's surprisingly rare to find 2 companies who have gone about it in the same way. The early pioneers, Toyota and Honda, fielded completely different...
  5. Acura RLX vs TLX

    Acura RLX General Discussion Forum
    Acura TLX Forum If you can get an AWD TLX for the same price as the FWD RLX which would you choose? The TLX almost looks like a baby RLX. The TLX is going to be smaller but I never found the TL to be too small. The new styling is a nice improvement over the old one. And now that it has a...